Question , is there actually a book or blog out there of what emissions zero actually looks like ?

@syndikalista There's no such thing as zero emissions, but there are many possible configurations about how humanity as a whole might emit net zero, ranging from genocide to neopastoralism, fully automated luxury communism and many tech-topias.

@matslats first of all: oh, you are still around? Wonderful!

second: I see the claims of "(net) zero emissions" as the suggested core of future politics ramping up. But I do not see that backed by literature (that is not a romanticized pastiche of a modernized back-to-the-land movement). wonder why.


@syndikalista Very kind though I don't believe we met?
Not sure if you are looking for academic literature, social commentary, or fiction. The most 'realistic' paths to net zero according to IPCC depend on tech that doesn't exist yet, and quantities of rare earths which are probably unmineable. Maybe the dearth of literature reflects these inconvenient truths.

@matslats we did not meet in person, but I enjoyed your writing about climate breakdown and how to deal with it in 2019. I believe we had a short interaction back then.
I am looking for literature at all, full range from the fringes of imagination to the scientific uncertainty. But as you said: "Maybe the dearth of literature reflects these inconvenient truths."

Check out "solar punk", "Climate fiction". But the descent will likely be so traumatic and chaotic, compounded by climate change, that there's little point imagining the end. Also see,

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