@guyjames I made a lot of comments but I like with the basic idea, and sorry I didn't have time to contribute more. BTW I've just put in a LEDGER application as Freedom Coop to build the Credit Commons which will do mutual credit accounting through a REST API

@matslats Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the input. I will add your points to the document.

I presented it to the FC assembly and although the response was positive overall, there is still a lot of attachment to tokens on crypto exchanges, partly because of the backlog of people who were promised the ability to convert FairCoin to € but were not able to because of liquidity issues.

Best of luck with the LEDGER application! :)

@matslats btw the current issue I am having with the various new ideas for reviving FairCoin is that they are all *very complicated* and for me the most fundamental thing is that any new system must be *very simple* for the end user. For me mutual credit is the way to do this.

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