I'm building some microservices in php and having problems sharing $_SESSION between them.
session.cookie_domain seems to be set. But I'm missing something. Can someone give me a few minutes to diagnose?

Vegan Australia are looking for advice and then a contractor to upgrade their database from txt files + python script.
Does anybody have an hour to talk to them?

Facebook post by Andy Lewhinskylipski:
"This is the "Serve and Protect" sculpture right now in SLC and activists have just turned it into a modern day revolutionary masterpiece"

Super flattering post about my MOOC and how the Open Credit Network hopes to shape the COVID recession medium.com/@dilgreen/the-money

I enjoyed this article about how we went from market highs to bailouts in 2 weeks flat. northmantrader.com/2020/03/17/

Rad project. @Fairbnb_coop@twitter.com, the co-owned alternative to Airbnb, raised €600K from coop members so they're hiring: backend + mobile devs, design, product manager, social media manager. Based in Bologna.


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“111 years ago socialist artist William Balfour Ker in 1905 created this image, entitled ‘From the Depths’, to illustrate a novel on class struggle called The Silent War by John Ames Mitchell (New York 1906).”

🐦🔗: twitter.com/l800mph/status/120

If we want to get *really* scifi, maybe these hypothetical carbon capture machines could construct *themselves* out of captured carbon, possibly using some kind of tiny pod containing most of the materials needed to get started as well as the information to construct the entire machine... Maybe these pods could, themselves, be made through carbon capture using the same machines, making them self-replicating without any technical skills needed

But this is all some kind of absurd pipe dream, of course. It's not like self-replicating material-producing carbon capture machines grow on trees

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"The world’s leaders are correctly fixated on economic growth as the answer to virtually all problems, but they’re pushing with all their might in the wrong direction." Donella Meadows, author of donellameadows.org/archives/le

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