> it seems a primitive place to start if you wanted to do richer activities like kanban,

Did you know that Bonfire had created a Kanban extension? (And also offers and requests?)

I've seen demos of both, but I don't know if they are still up and running.
@bonfire should know...

@strypey @gert @organizingInFedi @mike_hales

discovered by chance that this platform is back online after what? a year or more of disappearance. Can anybody tell me what happened?

What's the best payment gateway between Drupal Commerce module to a French bank? My client used Paybox previously but its Drupal module is out of date. Are there any cooperative or ethical options I should consider?

China has forgiven 10 billion in debt to Cuba (basically gifts). Meanwhile, US trade embargoes have strangled Cuba to the tune of $130 billion. Also, currently US is currently pushing regime change there.

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"Working towards a future where communities can assemble their own social networks like lego blocks, to cultivate safe and private spaces while being interconnected with the rest of the "fediverse" and the internet at wide on their own terms."
-- we've just updated our new bonfire homepage :)

Super article worth reading all of it about Bitcoin (TM), real Bitcoin and reclaiming the narrative epsilontheory.com/in-praise-of

Found online:

"Alpha Male", the early version of a male, before testing and bug fixes. Unstable and not suitable for the public.

Do you know and ? Would you like to earn a $1000 bounty for helping us build an aggregator for murmurations.network? Check out this bounty github.com/MurmurationsNetwork

What should small US nonprofits be using these days instead of PayPal?

really helpful sensemaking of the pandemic so far and the innappropriate government response. worlddoctorsalliance.com

Credit Commons protocol - reference implementation now available.

Why haven't "buying clubs" become more common with internet?

For example, 100 cat owners could join together, approach different cat food providers and bargain a discount through joint-purchasing.

My guess is that the venture capital model makes us only think in terms of what works as a capitalist firm.

Ventures like buying clubs make more sense as or mutuals. The largest hardware store chain (Ace Hardware) and carpet flooring firm (CCA Global) in the US are both purchasing coops.

angry woke nonsense 

It's not conservative vs liberal
It's not LGBTQ vs cishet
It's not even PoC vs white supremacists

It's RICH vs POOR, and one side is buying propaganda to make us fight over every divide EXCEPT for the class divide. Can we all just step away from each other's throats for ten fucking minutes, kill all of the landlords, and then get back to your regularly scheduled social war?

I'm building some microservices in php and having problems sharing $_SESSION between them.
session.cookie_domain seems to be set. But I'm missing something. Can someone give me a few minutes to diagnose?

Vegan Australia are looking for advice and then a contractor to upgrade their database from txt files + python script.
Does anybody have an hour to talk to them?

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