"I'll be traveling and would like to flag my credit card for use in [country]."

"Okay Sir. Will [she] be traveling with you?"

"... No." (Yes.)

"I ask because I see her name on the account."

"She's been deceased for a couple of years now. [I cried in your shitty branch while we closed her account, remember!?]"

"[awkward apology]"

"It's fine. It happens all the time [you fucking charmed-life normie]."

They pretend to know her for only the bureaucratic residue she left behind.

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It's my pleasure to announce htop 2.2.0! hisham.hm/htop/

Includes Solaris support, bugfixes and features for many platforms (Linux improvements, macOS High Sierra OS bug detection, OpenBSD battery reading, --tree option)

Many thanks to the awesome community!

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Meeting tomorrow with the owner of a media outlet considering selling it to the employees as a , but they are having some trouble grokking the structure.

So my goal will be to try to get the idea across as simply as possible, meaning I will sadly *not* be using this gorgeous flow chart of mediacoop.ca's multistakeholder architecture...

One of the many things I love about working from home is experimenting with snacks.

almond butter and banana on a toasted English muffin topped with toasted coconut, warmed raw honey, and cinnamon

After finally I'm left wandering how to engage fully with other social media. Maybe if I put this here. ofthebreach.com/post/smaller-s

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Slideshare from Tokyo Nerd Nite presentation on Platform Co-operativism last night. Hope I did the movement justice... if anything I know I started a discussion and planted some seeds of co-op ideas!



social.coop is a a coop-run corner of the fediverse, a cooperative and transparent approach to operating a social platform. We are currently closed to new memberships while we improve our internal processes and policies, and plan to re-open to new folks when that work is complete. [9/2/2018]