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Do you know that when you share your pics you also share so much more? #Metadata can contain the location where the picture was shot, the date and time of shooting, your phone model, aperture, exposure time, etc... Why sharing all this private info with the internetz and #surveillance capitalism when there's no need to?

Scrambled #Exif is a #FOSS app that removes metadata from your pics before sharing. With one click they're all gone.

Looks like some people, specially the younger ones, are unaware of Microsoft's ill relationship with Free Software. Let me remind you about the Halloween Documents:

n the ongoing chaos of Brazil's economic meltdown, the last four days have been particularly scary:

A nationwide truckers' strike over rising fuel costs is leading to supermarkets running out of food.

A tentative deal has been struck, but it might not be accepted by all of the protesting truckers.

My brother @pdcull is gonna be visiting in the the middle of this so welp

Anyway! Brazil right now is an 'interesting' realtime look at how societies collapse.

A big computer, a complex algorithm and a long time does not equal science.
-- Robert Gentleman
SSC 2003, Halifax (June 2003) #Rstats

"What Is Codependency?" Show more

Good warning for β€œDesigned or planned social order is necessarily schematic; it always ignores essential features of any real, functioning social order ... the simplified rules animating plans for, say, a city, a village or a collective farm were inadequate as a set of instructions for creating a functional social order, The formal scheme was parasitic on informal processes that, alone, it could not create or maintain.”
― James C. Scott, Seeing Like a State

"To be calm becomes a kind of revolutionary act."


Isn't it ironic how the largest open source code platform (GitHub) is itself proprietary and closed source?

3-D bar plots are an abomination. Just because Excel can do them doesn't mean you should.
(Dismount pulpit).
-- Berton Gunter
R-help (October 2007) #Rstats

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The problem with converting normal businesses to worker co-ops is that the current owners have to go along with the idea....or do they?

Ramping up for starting the first book in the : Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals: Cooperative Solutions Beyond Markets and States. Join in here:

Really nice article by @ntnsndr on the possibilities of coops in the digital space (and what they’re already achieving).

Quality rather than unnecessary growth; data privacy; federation rather than centralization; harnessing ideas like blockchain for trust; and funding new ventures through cooperative means. Exciting times. (h/t @Matt_Noyes)