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Amazing guest lectures at @UWComm's online communities class this week! @kayleachampion presented several of her papers on anonymity seeking in peer production and @sohwng talked about why people participate in small communities. Class syllabus here:

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"The Risks, Benefits, and Consequences of Prepublication Moderation: Evidence from 17 Language Editions" FlaggedRevs kept low-quality contributions from ever becoming visible, without major effects on contribution volume.

(Tran et al, 2022)

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Our new Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & will include: @mjg59, @makoshark, @bkuhn_ebb_org, Heiki Lõhmus, @allisonrandal, @o0karen0o, @iamslavina, @NovalisDMT, and @zacchiro.

"Students have described my teaching as 'definitely the least awkward hybrid class I've been to.'"

Nothing more confusing that pasting a long string into a text editor and having it be EXACTLY the window width.

Why isn't it wrapping? Why can't I get to the end of the non-wrapped line? Gah!

Even worse if it's a random string, like a hash or public key.

You can listen to me talk about some of my research on those show on German radio. I haven't heard the show but the conversation was fun! (I'm told there will also be a podcast!)
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Rückzug aus dem Internet: Woher kommt es, wenn die Lust am Posten in den sozialen Medien abnimmt?
Über Communities und die Generation Z sprechen wir heute mit @broderick und @makoshark.
Außerdem unser Thema: die Radikalisierung von .…

e.g., So going from 0.4 to 0.5 is like going from wealth inequality in the US (more concentrated than 2/3 of countries in the world) to Zimbabwe (more concentrated than 9/10 countries). That seems more helpful than just naming the countries.

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Another suggestion we got from this post on the Fediverse involved sort of doubling on the country wealth concentration comparison by telling us how the countries in the examples rank globally.

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How would you give someone an intuition for a difference in concentration (e.g., two Gini coefficients)? We've mentioned two countries with similarly differing levels of income inequality. Our reviewers are skeptical given little intuition for how wealth is distributed globally.

This year I'm helping teach in the @uwmhcid studio-based masters program in . The students have been fantastic! The program is hiring both a director and associate director. Come join me on the @UW and @uwdub faculty!
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Celebrating its 10th year as a leading cross-disciplinary master's program in HCI and Design, @uwmhcid is updating and expanding its leadership structure with searches for a director (http://apply.interfo…

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@doctorow @beabusaniche @fakedansavage @orenwolf , @makoshark proved this with actual numbers in 2014:

and is one reason why I too dislike individualistic solutions, a-la-freedombox, see e.g. "It doesn’t matter how cool you feel... " in

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Found it! The key is to use as a flag to exclude results from that domain.

It is "Almost Wikipedia: What Eight Early Online Collaborative Encyclopedia Projects Reveal about the Mechanisms of Collective Action" by @makoshark

I suppose it's time again for my monthly posting of "Free Software Needs Free Tools" by @mako:

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After spending ~15 years as a quantitative social scientist and almost 20 as a vegetarian, how does my personal spell checking dictionary NOT have the term "Bonferroni" in it while it DOES have the term "Beeferoni."

Thanks to @mako I can install Debian on my new Framework laptop with a shark USB 🦈

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Check out this intriguing, long-in-the-making investigation from @makoshark & @aaronshaw

(Credit/blame also goes with @amandalynneP who made the key pun first.)

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Or because they cross? And to be clear, although they are pretty helpful, you don't *need* them.

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Ever wonder why the ligaments that connect your upper and lower legs were historically called your "crucial" ligaments?

It's because you kneed them.

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