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Credit/blame to @amandalynneP, @lucyluwang and myself. But mostly to @epimika.

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The only instance of the term I can find online is an Instagram post doing something similar that seems to have edited out the term! Did we really make this up?! It seems impossible that you would create this dish and /not/ call it locomokonomiyaki.

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Strongly recommended.

The addition of cabbage solves the fundamental problem with loco moco (no fiber). The addition of okonomiyaki toppings can solve any problem.

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Thanks to @andresmh, @amyxzh, and @msbernst for the inspiration for running the session!

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Registration deadline for the session is listed as today but we'll do what we can to sneak you in. But do register ASAP so we can get you the link!

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FWIW, I am looking to admit at least one student to @UWComm this year and currently (and/or have previously) co-advise students in @uwcse, @hcdeUW, and the @UW_iSchool as well. @UWComm has a deadline on November 15th!

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It should be a good opportunity to hear from and talk to faculty recruiting students to our various programs at @UW, @LifeAtPurdue, and @NorthwesternU. And to talk with current and previous students!

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Want to join me in the Community Data Science Collective? It's PhD admission season and my research collective (@comdatasci) is doing a group Q&A about PhD admissions this Friday (November 5th). We've got room in the session so please sign up to join us!

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Today at @sohwng will be speaking about why people participate in small online communities at 14:30 (ET).

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If you're at today, you can catch @groceryheist talking about algorithmic flagging, fairness, and @Wikipedia at 12:00 (ET) today.

Thank you so much @richlitt and others at @DigInfFund for helping put it together!

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Check out this a very slick podcast about research led by @kaylechampion on measuring "underproduction" in free/libre open source software (i.e., identifying when the important stuff isn't as good as it should be). Thanks to the @DigInfFund folks for putting it together!
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The excellent @kayleachampion and @makoshark join us in our second episode to talk about their work on over- and under-production of OSS, and how to …

We undermine our own advocacy by not leading by example when we can. @mako's seminal essay makes the great point at we cannot allow ourselves to be at the whim of the companies whose tooling we do not control.
By ceding control to proprietary platforms, we set ourselves up for failure when they inevitably fall down or ask for more.

Why do people participate in small online communities? New paper from @sohwng and @jdfoote, forthcoming in @ACM_CSCW

Interested in studying collaborative production in free culture and/or free/open source software? I'm recruiting PhD students to join me at the University of Washington and in my research collective @communitydata. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're curious or if you have any questions.

Posted some reflections on returning to to watch my advisees @kayleachampion and @salt present their research using data from

If you missed the excellent research presentations by @kayleachampion and @altsalt at last week, a blog post (w/ videos) is up!

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