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This acknowledgement from @opensym reminds me that I should do a better job of giving this kind of acknowledgement for folks who agree to do reviews for me.

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Checking that little box in the PCS is for @ACM_CSCW, @sigchi is nice too (ACs should use it!) but doesn't really replace the whole acknowledgement from another human thing.

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I've sent email followups to acknowledge/thank folks who wrote really high-effort reviews/quality reviews for me as an AE/AC in the past and I've always been surprised by how much reviewers seem to appreciate this. I need to remember to do this more often.

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Yay! 😊Reviewing is typically one of the most thankless parts of an academic's job. Awards like this are nice but almost any recognition of reviewers' work can make those hours/day of invisible work feel worthwhile—even if it's just a thank you email from an editor/chair.
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Distinguished Reviewer Award goes to @makoshark, for the quality of their reviews, the timely submission and the active participation in the discussion pha…

My advisee @healspersecond got the @UWGradSchool's Dissertation Award for his MA thesis! Check out this awesome profile of Charlie and his work:
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Great news! Our own @healspersecond was awarded the @UWGradSchool's Distinguished Thesis Award for his awesome masters research on moderation in @Discordapp and @reddit. Read this awesome profile of @healspersecond and his work here: https:/…

New paper by my awesome advisee @kayleachampion that tries to unpack some of the motivation behind different types of @Wikipedia vandals.

Nice writeup by the @torproject of some recent work I've been doing on Tor users contributing to @Wikipedia. The two papers described were led by @kaylea and Chau Tran!
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Wikipedia has tried to block Tor users since 2007, alleging vandalism, spam, and abuse. New research tells a different story: people use Tor to make high-quality contributions to Wikipedia, often to topics like politics, technology, and religion. https…

My new @IEEESSP paper tries to map anonymity-seeking to types/quality of online participation by comparing @torproject users to other types of @Wikipedia contributors. The short version is that Tor users are pretty similar to other newbies and unregistered editors!
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Our new paper suggests that contributors to @Wikipedia that slip past WP's block of @torproject are similar to other newbies and unregistered editors. The …

Woohoo! @jdfoote got @ICA_CAT's dissertation award! I feel super honored to server on @jdfoote's committee and know what the selection committee saw. Jeremy did *great* work. Thanks for making @comdatasci look good, Jeremy!
We are happy to announce this year's Dordick Dissertation Award Winners
@jdfoote and @nzamanz

I'm quoted talking about knowledge equity in the for an article reflecting on's legacy and's decision to open things up—a little bit and temporarily—during the pandemic.

I'm finding's "Rise and Fall of the Note" dataviz on previous CSCW paper word lengths to be SO USEFUL in the part of reviewing where we are asked to decide if a paper's contribution is commensurate to its length.

Only one more day to register to learn and in Seattle at over three upcoming Saturdays and Sundays. Workshops are FREE, run by volunteers, and supported by and Join us!
Learn and (or volunteer to mentor) at the sixth "Communit@UW@twitter.comata Science Workshops" in in January/February!…

Learn and (or volunteer to mentor) at the sixth "Community Data Science Workshops" in in January/February! Register before noon Sunday January 12 at:

Communication scholar friends! Do your departments bring in prospective PhD students for campus visits before offers are extended or after (i.e., pure recruitment)? Or neither? If you could share your program and the answer, it would be helpful!

Reflections from me a bunch of others on talking to family/friends about this week. Thanks @conservancy for putting this together!
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Going to be seeing friends and/or family this week and wondering if you should talk with them about We asked some of our pals for advice! (Thanks Alice, @makoshark …

Going to be seeing friends and/or family this week and wondering if you should talk with them about software freedom? We asked some of our #freesoftware pals for advice! (Thanks Alice, @mako @meonkeys Eric and Abby!)

My research group @comdatasci has started work on a new NSF grant that's looking at ecological dynamics in online communities. @groceryheist and @jdfoote led the work and @aaronshaw and I are PIs.
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Modeling the ecolo@comdatasci@twitter.activitypub.actorics of online organizations https://blo…

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