After spending ~15 years as a quantitative social scientist and almost 20 as a vegetarian, how does my personal spell checking dictionary NOT have the term "Bonferroni" in it while it DOES have the term "Beeferoni."

Thanks to @mako I can install Debian on my new Framework laptop with a shark USB 🦈

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Check out this intriguing, long-in-the-making investigation from @makoshark & @aaronshaw

(Credit/blame also goes with @amandalynneP who made the key pun first.)

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Or because they cross? And to be clear, although they are pretty helpful, you don't *need* them.

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Ever wonder why the ligaments that connect your upper and lower legs were historically called your "crucial" ligaments?

It's because you kneed them.

More great research from my research collective! New paper by @aaronshaw and @eszter evaluates the representativeness of @amazonmturk samples for survey research.
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Fool's gold? The perils of using online survey samples to study online behavior. (Why survey samples from AMT might not be a representative of broader populations).

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Nate TeBlunthuis (@groceryheist) from @UWComm @NU_SoC will also present a recent @ACM_CSCW work that examines the effects of algorithmic flagging on fairness based on quasi-experimental evidence from @Wikipedia.


See @groceryheist present work with myself and @halfak at the @WikiResearch showcase on Wednesday!
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The November Wikimedia Research showcase will be livestreamed on November 17 (this Wednesday!), 16:30UTC (9:30am PT/12:30pm ET/18:30pm CET).

The theme of this showcase will be “Content moderation”.


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The new and improved version of "Data and its (dis)contents" is published at @Patterns_CP today! Co-authored with @rajiinio @emilymbender @cephaloponderer @alexhanna. Check it out here:

It was so great hearing about all the stuff that folks at @haystack_csail are up to! Thanks @ACM_CSCW for prompting us to try "lab speed dating" and @sohwng for making it happen. Any other research groups out there want to connect with @comdatasci folks?
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A bunch of folks from the collective had a wonderful time meeting with folks from @haystack_csail as part of the lab speed dating social event that was part of the so…

Our research group has published this thread with links to a blog post, thanks, and lots more good stuff.

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Should online communities require accounts? My paper with @aaronshaw tries to answer this question. We started this project YEARS ago but its finally out in print in Communication Research! We've put together a very short video summarizing the work!

@lonelymtn If only there were a local okonomiyaki place... The dish is mostly loco moco but w/ a bed of lightly dressed shredded cabbage, a more Japanese (read soy sauce-based) gravy, and traditional okonomiyaki toppings (i.e., okonomi sauce, kewpie, aonori, ginger).

Registration is free and open to the public but it does involve creating an account on matrix. Follow the instructions here (and keep it mind it takes a few minutes to confirm emails and get setup):

If you want to follow along from home, pick a drink or two you want to make and gather ingredients. You should be able to make most things with tequila, lime, and Cynar. You should able to make just about everything if also have grapefruit, sherry, and basics like sugar and salt.

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It'll be a mix of chatting and learning about cocktails while I mix too many drinks and try to get my housemates and friends to help drink them. (Thanks team!)

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By demand, I'm returning to the (virtual!) Seattle GNU/Linux conference (@SeaGL) to run a cocktail/mocktail hour to close out the first day. The session is tomorrow (Friday 11/5) and details are on this wiki page:

@lonelymtn Until the rest of the world catches up, I think you're responsible for conjuring into being yourself. I'm happy to provide guidance though!

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