@sir The essay suggests that we should not make the freedom of the tools we build contingent on non-free tools. Perhaps it wasn't clear that I'm *not* asking you or anybody else to create a keybase.io account or to use it over GPG, web of trust, etc.

Like the FSF, I use republish my toots on birdsite too. I try to live in freedom but I also don't refuse to meet people where they are.

I'm finding @staeiou@twitter.com's "Rise and Fall of the Note" dataviz on previous CSCW paper word lengths to be SO USEFUL in the part of @ACM_CSCW@twitter.com reviewing where we are asked to decide if a paper's contribution is commensurate to its length. doi.org/10.1145/33593241

Only one more day to register to learn and in Seattle at @UW@twitter.com over three upcoming Saturdays and Sundays. Workshops are FREE, run by volunteers, and supported by @escience@twitter.com and @UWComm@twitter.com. Join us!
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Learn and (or volunteer to mentor) at the sixth "Communit@UW@twitter.comata Science Workshops" in in January/February!…

Learn and (or volunteer to mentor) at the sixth "Community Data Science Workshops" in in January/February! Register before noon Sunday January 12 at: wiki.communitydata.science/Com

Communication scholar friends! Do your departments bring in prospective PhD students for campus visits before offers are extended or after (i.e., pure recruitment)? Or neither? If you could share your program and the answer, it would be helpful!

Reflections from me a bunch of others on talking to family/friends about this week. Thanks @conservancy for putting this together!
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Going to be seeing friends and/or family this week and wondering if you should talk with them about softw@conservancy@twitter.activitypub.actor We asked some of our pals for advice! (Thanks Alice, @makoshark …

Going to be seeing friends and/or family this week and wondering if you should talk with them about software freedom? We asked some of our #freesoftware pals for advice! (Thanks Alice, @mako @meonkeys Eric and Abby!) sfconservancy.org/blog/2019/de

My research group @comdatasci has started work on a new NSF grant that's looking at ecological dynamics in online communities. @groceryheist and @jdfoote led the work and @aaronshaw and I are PIs.
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Modeling the ecolo@comdatasci@twitter.activitypub.actorics of online organizations https://blo…

Come join my research collective @comdatasci! Applications to work directly with me at @UwCom are due 12/1. I'm happy to talk about the possibility of joining our group either this round or at some point in the future!
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It's grad school application seaso@comdatasci@twitter.activitypub.actore considering a PhD in communication, infor@UwCom@tw…

Although my talk is not online, this is a recording of an earlier version of the same talk:



Last Friday was the @uwdub@twitter.com retreat—@UW@twitter.com's annual day-long get-together for people working at the intersection of people and computing. I was the faculty co-organizer w/ @jonfroehlich@twitter.com. Zara (@uwmhcid@twitter.com) put together this awesome video documenting the event! 🤩
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@uwdub@twitter.comRetreat i@UW@twitter.comn annual event in HCI and design at the Universit…

There are a *bunch* of other incredible computational communication scholars running as well! I hope you'll vote for me but I actually feel pretty conflicted myself! If one of the other candidates gets the plurality, I think that would pretty awesome too! (5/5)

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