Stop to consider that you might not be the only person who gets a Google Scholar alert every time your paper is cited, opens up any citing papers listed in the alert, and then Ctrl-Fs for your own name.
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Ooohhh... I think I've uncovered a new variant of citation practice:

The "begrudging-dripping-with-contempt-footnoted citation"


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New paper by @jdfoote from my research collective!
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Online communities are deeply interconnected and interdependent.

@jdfoote argues that systems theory can help us to study interdependencies, and that online platforms have the sort of data that is enabling really exciting new research.

@axz @andresmh @blair @jbigham @Gillian I agree. I also met many students this round including many presenting their first papers. I tried to reached out at least one student doing interesting/relevant work every break.

@andresmh: The model you're suggesting might work for established faculty but there's just no way students and folks trying to establish themselves would ever get "flown out."

We are coming to Paris for next week! Check out this blog post to get stickers and see presentations by @groceryheist @carlcolglazier @FloorFiers @jdfoote @kayleachampion @makoshark and @aaronshaw! @icahdq

@jts @bkeegan @nprandchill @ourhcicommunity @jbigham The idea of a local timeline doesn't really have an analogy on Twitter. On Twitter you see activity from people you follow. Fediverse gives you that.

The local timeline is additional "town square" way to interact might/might not be useful. I glance at mine sometimes but it's not something I rely on.

@jts But HPC at UW basically just didn't couldn't/wouldn't support data collection. So we bought we have our own hardware for data collection.

Basically @communitydatat uses our own hardware (maintained by our department/university IT) for data collection and compute/analysis all on UW's HPC system Hyak.

We've been very happy with this. I'm happy to talk through it more.

@jts FWIW, our group does both.

Based on my math, HPC system was a *much* better for compute (break-even was like 10% utilization) and not having to deal with maintenance with my own stuff is a huge deal. The killer with cloud stuff is was typically storage.

@jts @bkeegan @nprandchill @ourhcicommunity @jbigham

Yes. There's what's called the "local timeline" for that would be

I think that's right but I don't have access it to since I use a different instance ( which is focused on cooperativism and has a bunch of platform coop folks). So I have my own/different local timeline.

@andresmh @axz I was curious about that. I couldn't find any information on the webpage for about who runs the instance and/or what the governance structure is or might be. Just an opaque reference to @ourhcicommunity which itself contains no information.

I set up shop on because it is a cooperatively governed and maintained. I chip in a little bit each month to support it. The local timeline on is attractive but...

There are remarkable wikis beyond Wikipedia (@mako & @aaronshaw).

Software patches to online games are an excellent example.

After a software patch, the hundreds of pages on a game’s fan wikis about characters, item, and other gameplay need to be updated. There are categories enumerating separate pages about patches themselves—that’s how important patches are! 2/🧵

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@wait_sasha Thanks for positive thoughts!

I'm glad you joined us here!

Add me to the list people who picked up COVID at . Positive test and all the symptoms. I had a negative PCR on a sample taken the day AFTER I returned to SEA so hopefully I didn't share it with anyone in NOLA. Test frequently and take care of yourself everybody!

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Caught in the act! Presented my first CHI paper with @makoshark, @sayamindu, and @aaronshaw this year. Really rewarding experience. Thanks to everyone who attended and to all the folks in the @comdatasci lab for helping me along the journey.

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Presented my paper with @makoshark and @sayamindu in !! My first in-person CHI presentation!Thanks so much for everyone who came to my talk - happy to chat more!

@andresmh @asb I was pretty surprised to see this and then meet Oren at in a couple hours later!

A "hybrid" course at in which the instructor and all registered (paying) attendees were remote. Someone was guarding the door to make sure nobody snuck in to watch the Zoom session being projected to the completely empty room.

I'll be at in New Orleans to support my group presenting their work (including awesome papers by @ReginaRCheng, @sejal_khatri, and @Stefania_druga). It's been too long! Let's meet up!
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Come meet us at CHI 2022

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