Just unintentionally declared partial inbox bankruptcy. If you sent me email between November 9 and today and I had not yet read/replied... I probably just deleted your message. Sorry!

Mail to my @UW address seems "fine." It's still in my inbox. Which is still a disaster. 🙄

This Friday I'll be making real cocktails at virtual @SeaGL (Seattle GNU/Linux conference). Source code for the menu is up if you want to buy ingredients and follow along. The non-drinky part of the program looks great too! Registration is free/optional. osem.seagl.org/conferences/sea

I often teach in the @CommLead master program at @UW. The program & students are fantastic and it's one of my favorite things about being @UWComm.

@CommLead is looking to hire a new associate director! Please spread the word/apply! uwhires.admin.washington.edu/e

Or maybe it's universal in the sense that charge everybody $39.95? 😉

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Guess what the @SpringerNature journal "Universal Access in the Information Society" does *not* provide? springer.com/journal/10209/

Because my university does not subscribe, Springer wants $39.95 for the review article I need. 🤦

This acknowledgement from @opensym reminds me that I should do a better job of giving this kind of acknowledgement for folks who agree to do reviews for me.

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Checking that little box in the PCS is for @ACM_CSCW, @sigchi is nice too (ACs should use it!) but doesn't really replace the whole acknowledgement from another human thing.

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I've sent email followups to acknowledge/thank folks who wrote really high-effort reviews/quality reviews for me as an AE/AC in the past and I've always been surprised by how much reviewers seem to appreciate this. I need to remember to do this more often.

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Yay! 😊Reviewing is typically one of the most thankless parts of an academic's job. Awards like this are nice but almost any recognition of reviewers' work can make those hours/day of invisible work feel worthwhile—even if it's just a thank you email from an editor/chair.
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Distinguished Reviewer Award goes to @makoshark, for the quality of their reviews, the timely submission and the active participation in the discussion pha…

My advisee @healspersecond got the @UWGradSchool's Dissertation Award for his MA thesis! Check out this awesome profile of Charlie and his work: grad.uw.edu/charles-kiene/
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Great news! Our own @healspersecond was awarded the @UWGradSchool's Distinguished Thesis Award for his awesome masters research on moderation in @Discordapp and @reddit. Read this awesome profile of @healspersecond and his work here: https:/…

New paper by my awesome advisee @kayleachampion that tries to unpack some of the motivation behind different types of @Wikipedia vandals. blog.communitydata.science/are

Nice writeup by the @torproject of some recent work I've been doing on Tor users contributing to @Wikipedia. The two papers described were led by @kaylea and Chau Tran!
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Wikipedia has tried to block Tor users since 2007, alleging vandalism, spam, and abuse. New research tells a different story: people use Tor to make high-quality contributions to Wikipedia, often to topics like politics, technology, and religion. https…

My new @IEEESSP paper tries to map anonymity-seeking to types/quality of online participation by comparing @torproject users to other types of @Wikipedia contributors. The short version is that Tor users are pretty similar to other newbies and unregistered editors!
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Our new paper suggests that contributors to @Wikipedia that slip past WP's block of @torproject are similar to other newbies and unregistered editors. The …

Woohoo! @jdfoote got @ICA_CAT's dissertation award! I feel super honored to server on @jdfoote's committee and know what the selection committee saw. Jeremy did *great* work. Thanks for making @comdatasci look good, Jeremy!
We are happy to announce this year's Dordick Dissertation Award Winners
@jdfoote and @nzamanz

I'm quoted talking about knowledge equity in the @StanfordDaily@twitter.com for an article reflecting on @aaronsw@twitter.com's legacy and @JSTOR@twitter.com's decision to open things up—a little bit and temporarily—during the pandemic. stanforddaily.com/2020/03/27/r

@sir The essay suggests that we should not make the freedom of the tools we build contingent on non-free tools. Perhaps it wasn't clear that I'm *not* asking you or anybody else to create a keybase.io account or to use it over GPG, web of trust, etc.

Like the FSF, I use republish my toots on birdsite too. I try to live in freedom but I also don't refuse to meet people where they are.

I'm finding @staeiou@twitter.com's "Rise and Fall of the Note" dataviz on previous CSCW paper word lengths to be SO USEFUL in the part of @ACM_CSCW@twitter.com reviewing where we are asked to decide if a paper's contribution is commensurate to its length. doi.org/10.1145/33593241

Only one more day to register to learn and in Seattle at @UW@twitter.com over three upcoming Saturdays and Sundays. Workshops are FREE, run by volunteers, and supported by @escience@twitter.com and @UWComm@twitter.com. Join us!
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Learn and (or volunteer to mentor) at the sixth "Communit@UW@twitter.comata Science Workshops" in in January/February!…

Learn and (or volunteer to mentor) at the sixth "Community Data Science Workshops" in in January/February! Register before noon Sunday January 12 at: wiki.communitydata.science/Com

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