Add me to the list people who picked up COVID at . Positive test and all the symptoms. I had a negative PCR on a sample taken the day AFTER I returned to SEA so hopefully I didn't share it with anyone in NOLA. Test frequently and take care of yourself everybody!

@mako Get better soon and take care. 💔❤️

I finally joined as you can see. I've been avoiding this place because I was too afraid of being disappointed despite very low expectations.

As it turns out, #fediverse seems pretty awesome!

As if I'm discovering #minetest again. That adventure led to a little VPN where a few local families could play with our kids. Yay #FOSS!

@wait_sasha Thanks for positive thoughts!

I'm glad you joined us here!

If an Agora hears about a [[wikilink]] or #hashtag, it will try to resolve them for you and link your resources in the [[nodes]] or #nodes you mention.

@mako Hope you have as mild a course as possible, and get Paxlovid if you're eligible

@mako Keep yourself well. Don't push it. A long time-out is much better than long covid. Stay warm and hydrated. Follow all your best intuitions about how to heal. Thanks for letting your people know they might have been exposed. I wondered about folks suddenly going to conferences again. I want to see my international #FOSS community again so much.

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