Want to join me in the Community Data Science Collective? It's PhD admission season and my research collective (@comdatasci) is doing a group Q&A about PhD admissions this Friday (November 5th). We've got room in the session so please sign up to join us! blog.communitydata.science/joi

It should be a good opportunity to hear from and talk to faculty recruiting students to our various programs at @UW, @LifeAtPurdue, and @NorthwesternU. And to talk with current and previous students!

FWIW, I am looking to admit at least one student to @UWComm this year and currently (and/or have previously) co-advise students in @uwcse, @hcdeUW, and the @UW_iSchool as well. @UWComm has a deadline on November 15th!

Registration deadline for the session is listed as today but we'll do what we can to sneak you in. But do register ASAP so we can get you the link!


Thanks to @andresmh, @amyxzh, and @msbernst for the inspiration for running the session!

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