Awesome news! I received a CAREER award from NSF
to support new work to understand the relationship between community lifecycles and governance in a range of digital public goods. I'm excited, grateful, daunted, and grateful. Here's my department's writeup:

In addition a bunch of new research and teaching related to (Wikimedia and Wikia/Fandom), /#opensource, and Reddit, I'm particularly psyched about funds to support new outreach and community-building from my research group w/ companies, non-profits, and more.

So many to thank! The proposal is a direct result of my year attempting to think big at CASBS at Stanford
as well as feedback from folks in the Community Data Science Collective (especially @aaronshaw), Clark Bernier,, and many others.

@mako Congrats and well-deserved!

"Early career" feels like they're overlooking how long you've been at this. You been here for years!

@jamesvasile Oh gosh, that's very true! Relatively speaking on the other hand... I intend to be at this a lot longer! 😆

@mako I have to ask, what happened to the other $41 that would have made the award an almost round number?

@penguin42 Hah! I'll happily provide the last $41 out of my own pocket! 🙃

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