@mako ironic that I came to your profile to check it out after reading mako.cc/writing/hill-free_tool, and the first post I'm greeted with is a proprietary web service


@sir The essay suggests that we should not make the freedom of the tools we build contingent on non-free tools. Perhaps it wasn't clear that I'm *not* asking you or anybody else to create a keybase.io account or to use it over GPG, web of trust, etc.

Like the FSF, I use republish my toots on birdsite too. I try to live in freedom but I also don't refuse to meet people where they are.

@mako interesting take. I don't entirely agree, however. I see services like Keybase as leeches on our ecosystem - they take open, decentralized standards like PGP and try to capture the market with proprietary centralized services. I can't in good faith even meet people on a platform like that. We should be setting a better example than that.

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