I am running for Vice Chair in @ica_cm@twitter.com (the International Communication Association's Computational Methods group)! The winner will later upgrade to Chair. The election ends in a few days (Oct 15). If you are a computational communication scholar, I hope you'll vote for me! (1/5)

You need to be a member of @icahdq@twitter.com and the @ica_cm@twitter.com sub-group to vote. If you do computational work in/around communication, you should *definitely* be a part of @ica_cm@twitter.com! Details on how to vote are on this page: icahdq.org/page/Election2019 (2/5)

This is basically a "service role." Leadership plans the conference, goes to meetings, and so on. I'm running because although I teach at @UWComm@twitter.com, my background/training is outside com. @ica_cm@twitter.com provided a home for me and an path into the field. I am running to give back. (3/5)


I've posted a candidate statement that you can read on the election site. The things I'm most psyched to do include increasing the presence/profile of computational methods in the field/@icahdq@twitter.com & working to increase diversity, , and within @ica_cm@twitter.com. (4/5)

There are a *bunch* of other incredible computational communication scholars running as well! I hope you'll vote for me but I actually feel pretty conflicted myself! If one of the other candidates gets the plurality, I think that would pretty awesome too! (5/5)

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