My new paper tries to identify some of what is lost as market-based "sharing economy" platforms increasing replace socially-oriented systems based on actual sharing: (The paper was led by @notconfusing who will present it at @CSCW next month!)

The paper was a team effort by Max Klein, Jinhao Zhao, Jianjun Ni, Isaac Johnson, myself, and Haiyi Zhu.

In my keynote ( I argued that online collaborative production is shifting from social to market-based arrangements. This paper explores the implications. (As is clear in the talk, part of this paper's results motivated the whole argument!)

@mako Hello! Thank you for the amazing work!

I co-founded/maintain a common house which provides a platform for people to live and contribute towards the common good.

Notable are and, two web-apps for people to collect food that stores/other users would throw away—no charge.

Competition comes from '2nd-hand' sales apps like Oleo and Too Good To Go.

Perhaps interesting for you @nicksellen

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