This writeup of my keynote on BoingBoing is more eloquent and concise than the talk. Thanks to Cory for the awesome summary, reflections, and signal boost!

@mako Thank you for articulating that. So important. And I love that BB forced standard style on "Iphone," which reveals the thing's hidden ugliness.

Perhaps of interest:

@mako Broken link? Cory's blog doesn't seem to link to your keynote (at least, in my browser). Would you supply one please?

"Companies' perfection of digital sharecropping means that when they contribute to "free" projects, all the freedom will go to them, not the public." Too right!

. . bots/#analytics algorithms as inhuman extractive (slave?) labourers . . surplus-value production from boundless masses of 'natural' or wild or 'waste' data . . in privately owned estates. Hmmnn

@mike_hales There's link to both a WebM video (no nonfree Javascript) and a Youtube video from this link:

("Sharecropping" is Cory's term, not one I've used.)

@mako Found your talk

Great insight and strategic sense, all through - too many hits to tag. All should view this.

To the barricades!

OK, one tag: more . .
Who exactly are the users to be served by Many producers, focused on producer-side stuff? Chloe Waratini wrote, Culture is what platforms & coops produce: culture for product/service users, & culture of producers for serving users. Perhaps users = producers? Maybe not

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