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Peer to Peer and the Commons: A matter, energy and thermodynamic perspective

This study in 2 volumes leads to an analysis of the thermodynamic downside of free trade and the thermodynamic potential relocalization of production and distribution.

Book of the Day: Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons

"Page after page, the book is filled with unique and powerful examples of remarkable projects from all around the world. Each of the examples is beautifully concise and expertly edited, written in plain language but with nuance and sophistication that delves into the intricacies of each example. There are literally no words wasted."

The history and evolution of the
by Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation

"the commons has been defined as a shared resource, which is co-owned and/or co-governed by its users and/or stakeholder communities, according to its rules and norms. It’s a combination of a ‘thing’, an activity, commoning as the maintenance and co-production of that resource, and a mode of governance."

The @p2pf_france will participate to the Creative Mobilities 1st international Forum

“Creative Mobilities” was developed to create a complementary and transversal space for actors involved in the fields of mobility and culture to research, exchange and experiment in order to rethink mobility and to promote creativity starting from the individuals, the citizens and from the diversity of the groups who occupy the public space

If you are interested in reading the articles of the P2P Foundation French blog, follow there!
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Spotted in Queen's Park today:

"To Trees:
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