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Nice find at the Tiny Free Library at 6th & Main in . (Note the cigarette burn on the cover; it's like found art.)

Finally finished "The New Jim Crow" (it was published in 2010); if you have not read it yet, I highly recommend it. Under the Trump/Sessions regime, all the core components of the racial caste system Michelle Alexander wrote about are being reinforced and extended.

If you've not read it yet, you may find my review/observations helpful:

I'm going live to talk about audio brainwave entrainment and with Doug Prater of iAwake Technologies, in ~30 minutes.

If you're interested in , , , and/or states for productivity, , and in general, I invite you to join us on the Zoom ...or watch the livestream on YouTube.

I'm developing a new series of live podcasts which will explore themes at the intersection of and . First talk tomorrow is with Doug Prater of iAwake Technologies.

You can watch live and join the chat, if you so desire; or catch the recording, which will be posted after the event. Thanks for your Attention!

Dear folks (especially leftist tech folks who want to stir up the tech sector and get ppl interested in , , , etc),

please remember to design for non-tech people. If your non-techy relative can't figure out how to use your thing, your thing will never get enough traction to actually change something, and it will always be the same 10 people joining every platform.

Feel a great weight lifting of my chest, as I finally decided—I mean, really DECIDED, all systems go—to delete (not just deactivate, but DELETE) my Facebook account. It feels so liberating....

I respect the 'bridge strategy', and the various ways people choose to construct and navigate their digital lives—but I'm putting my chips on the table (i.e., dedicating my real time, attention and energy; which I only have so much of, after all) for the open, cooperative web.

Most people are fuzzy on the difference between state censorship and choosing not to give someone a platform.

To the question about which of the ~15 types of internet infrastructure providers should take responsibility in curtailing nazi propaganda, I say any/all of them who are operated by humans!

This isn't about free speech or regulation, it's about people (not governments or corporations) making a stand.

This topic might be a little out there for some folks, but I'd love to hear some new voices in the conversation.

Torus, Time-Space, and Themes of History: A Doughnutology?

New music on Metapsychosis.

Listen to STREETS OF PARIS, an original song by Paul Maylone.

Interesting observations on the unique context of derived from a co-founder's recent tour of the country. A lot of it rings true for me, and is interesting to see through outsiders' eyes...

#Podcast #TeamHuman
@Rushkoff interview with Arthur Brock (@artbrock)
"Reclaiming #Currency" ~ how it is less a thing you own and more a way of sharing.

It’s a conversation that poses a crucial question of both money and cryptocurrencies alike–how might we design new exchanges that embody values of social and environmental betterment, rather than extraction and exploitation?

#Blockchain or #Holochain?

Vincent Horn is restarting the Buddhist Geeks podcast with a series called Meditating on Psychedelics. The first episode, as prolegomena, is virtually a methodological master class of integral meta-perspective taking, slow and thoughtful and, well...meditative. I'm looking forward to the trip reports from radical emptiness!

As the Venezuela crisis deepens, even supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution and specifically former president Hugo Chávez begin to see the errors in the way of the current government of Maduro.

Mike Gonzalez is a former professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Glasgow. He is the recent author of Hugo Chávez: Socialist for the 21st Century, published by Pluto Press.

#Venezuela #LeftCriticismToVenezuelanGovernment #Socialism #Chavismo

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