What I believe stands between us and v2.0 release now is the fixing of the db:migrate thing

Everything else is less critical. Although it's funny how 1.6 was huge, but merely a "minor" release because of full backwards-compatibility, while 2.0 is kinda small but gets a "major" release because of API changes :thinkhappy:

Here are some of the major features of the upcoming v2.0 as of now:

- Custom emojis
- New emoji picker
- New emoji images (twemoji)
- Emoji autosuggestions
- Ability to define themes for admins and select a theme in preferences for users
- No more private toots sent over OStatus
- When only one image/gif attached to toot, it's displayed uncropped in detail/public view
- New error page with elephant friend

I dunno, would you be happy with just that?

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@gargron any idea if we’ll ever get an embed when a toot link is tooted? (like the way quoting a tweet works on the birdsite)

@taiz No, I don't think so. It leads to a rather terrible atmosphere. There's a very small margin where people use it for good, like "look at this great artwork", but usually it gets used as a faux-reply except addressed at one's followers, as a sort of invitation to dogpile. Even when calling out like that is acceptable, putting bad content into your followers' timelines leads to bad moods. And when it's used to chain own train of thought... It's like self-replying, but with a lot more clicking


@Gargron @taiz Maybe the issue needs to be thought of under the heading of link previews in general? It is good for discovery to see the title at least of quoted content, if not also a preview image. Toots would just be a special case of quoted content in general. A preview--of a webpage, or of a toot--can provide important context for what I have to say about it.

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