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"SCOTTISH Labour leadership contender Richard Leonard wants workers to have the legal right to buy businesses which employ them if they are being sold or if the workforce is made redundant.

He is calling on Holyrood to pass legislation giving the "statutory and preferential right" for employees to buy firms in these circumstances, similar to existing laws in France and parts of Spain."

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Gotta love 🌲🌲. I had no idea that busses could be so... dramatic 😂

This is the website of a bus cooperative that I used yesterday:

guess I've got to start following people? isn't that going to lead to a feed which i can't get anything from ... hey ho I'll give it a go

so trying to get my head around this place ...

interested in finding out more about this place...
Talking about:
- co-ops in the UK and abroad
- records playing and collecting
- imagining what I'd do with more time if I had it