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Job opening at Fairphone:

# Business Application Analyst #

As our new Business Application Analyst you will be working together with Fairphone’s IT team, Product Owner and external partners to deliver applications, integrations and solutions to make the operations of Fairphone more efficient. You will report to our IT manager, but will work closely with our Customer Support and After Sales team.

Apply here:

Currently, 1 BTC cost:
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GBP: Β£10173.29
CHF: CHF13410.19

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How powerful is this song?

Brothers in arm from Mad Max Fury Road soundtrack

ht @kevinbeynon

Got the Mad Max Fury Road soundtrack on loop. Brothers in Arms is an amazing track that gets me every time.

How do You track Your reading? Is there any good alternative to ?

Idea: a Friday of the best mastodon interactions you've had during the week. Summarize and link to the conversation, and add you might have forgotten at the time.

is a very manual process on Mastodon, for better or worse, so let's develop some habits to make easier.

" and are already ; their shareholders just haven't realized it yet."
--Overheard on the Riseup listserve.

Related on Medium and platform cooperativism:


#Canada is becoming the tenth country to issue passports with an X gender marker on them for #nonbinary people.

β€œBy introducing an β€˜X’ gender designation in our government-issued documents, we are taking an important step towards advancing equality for all Canadians regardless of gender identity or expression.”

Hey all, I feel like the next big thing I work on is going to be around decentralised technologies for social/educational good.

Does anyone have a useful list of people or sites it might be worthwhile following? I'll share back!

You see? I forgot how to type, check and toot without mistakes.

August has been very very hot. I am talking about the weather. No a/c here so I preferred to go to the beach and to read or to listen to audiobook and walking.

I have a few suggestions to give You. Coming up soon...

Ftaer a little summer break I am back. How are You guys? ;-)