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these days: Discovery of the World by Luciana Castellina, a memoir of an Italian teenager at the end of WWII emerging into the communist / anti-fascist world. The Friendly Orange Glow by Brian Dear, a history of the midwest (UIUC) early computer culture around PLATO as an educational platform. Southern Horrors and others by Ida B Wells, anti-lynching polemics from 1890s echoed in today's MBL.

Maybe there are / will be aggregated account readers, so that I can have accounts on multiple community instances I have affinity to or for specialized publishing interfaces, but oauth those follow timelines into one viewer and be able to engage in discussion as any of the personalities. Also leaves off the server administration of self-hosting to a more manageable level. Not sure I like the implied proliferation of accounts, though.

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I admit, I'm still trying to wrap my head around practices for federated social media. Self-hosting still seems desirable for control of your name, but these stacks are still complicated, so something like seems 👍 And local timelines / community is important - the recent thread about being able to view other/multiple instances local timelines in the client seems 👍

Add in pixelfed, where alternate interfaces / accounts seem to make sense despite federating on the reader side... oof. governance 

this NASEM committee report on , interesting to see a) the extent to which e.g. mosquito species eradication by sexual reproduction appears doable today b) whether eradication or altering susceptibility/resistance, very genome and reproduction specific c) some impressive initial studies summarized on turning drives on and off.

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#GetOnOurLawn Demonstrate to new people the culture of caring that we have. Seeing folks being cared for and caring for each other, seeing people express vulnerability and being shown understanding and compassion, seeing people ask for help and receive it… these things had a significant impact on me when I joined and really set the tone for my interacting with others here.

Favorite shot of the last two weeks of our roadtrip, in Northern Wisconsin. Mergansers and muskrats agreed

Our town installed a curbed bike lane for one long block of a formerly two-lane road. So far I have only seen it traveled by golf carts.

We visited a number of old and new small college campuses again this summer, and I am amazed by the increase in facility golf carts. Possibly but not probably faculty golf carts. Maybe it's a reasonable thing. This bike lane doesn't connect to campus, but the wayward carts were collegiate.

Virtual book club coordinating platform? On the one hand, tho I've done a mediocre job participating in .coop reading group that polls/plans there.

I am in a small monthly scifi group that meets by email->videochat, and would like the same centered around discussing a podcast or blogpost, say.

Federated / async this is maybe just and , but the intentional propose/commit/discuss cycle feels positive vs social media broadcast and comment ephemera.

Not social media, not anti-social media, not dollars-for-eyeballs-dollars-for-votes media.

From the same podcast team, an interview with Alex Vitale on his book which I just finished reading. A near perfect 1hr summary - topical structure of the book is tossed to emphasize the historical context and structural themes of the problems of increasing police involvement in responding to all societal problems with force and coercion. Criminalization of poverty, sex, and mental health, and the colonial/anti-labor/slave-patrol roots of policing.

A fantastic 2hr podcast documentary on , well structured and cheerleading while open to asking when and how they fail to accomplish their goals of democratizing, empowering, and transforming communities. Cooperation Richmond, Mondragon, and Cooperation Jackson all featured. (recommended a while back by someone here but I can't find it and I'm sure it's due for a reminder)

To be fair, using has mostly spoiled me for pre-determined point-to-point routing, though the "fuel-efficient" route option is often comically impractical.

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All summer long Google maps has been giving us ludicrous extra turns and detours around the country. Spoiler alert, I stayed on 18th and it all worked out.

Lots of wildlife crossing today via 200km of gravel farm roads. The eagles and prairie dogs abundant in matched proportions.

I've been majority offline and will continue to be for a while longer, as seen from the horizon of frantic day by day life. But I feel it's worth noting the dedication to contemplative sand raking this campground host in cell-signal-free northern california demonstrates.

Entertaining perspectives on historical baggage / leverage / privilege of vs go.

I am beyond thrilled to spend a lot of my listening time for the rest of the year soaking in interviews newly available online

This podcast gives a nice introduction to the breadth of history, people, and topics the archive covers it's nice to be passing through Chicago and hear WFMT promoting it on-air too.

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