"I concluded from my reading of classical economics that the creation of poverty is as fully intentional as the creation of wealth"

Reading Woolf's and thinking about why poverty and inferiority are useful to the powerful. Thinking back to Kendi's and how the U.S. is a racist nation, no diversion required from our historic role to subjugate. Thinking about our southern border. Reading Vollmann's essay on that, ends by quoting , "There are many who do not know they are fascists but will find it out when the time comes."

Marilynne Robinson essay "Is Poverty Necessary"

Just read an inspiring account of home-scale successes and failures over a decade growing perennial vegetables and fruits in new England. Lots to plan from, although it is largely memoir.

The bipinnate leaves of this pecan fan out from directly underneath in a mesmerizing echo of rippling circles of rain water.

@neil @redoak @Snapai I do like the multiple aspects / multiple names, are there still not good fluid multi account clients (I would think this is a single stream, filterable or color coded or whatever, and post/reply as any of your aspects)? Groups could also help this, but I'd ideally want the named identifier of my posts in that group to be followable, just like an account.

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@neil haven't read the book (bigger than I want for an analysis I've heard) but a couple interviews, and there she comes down to popular demand for regulation iirc.

@mattcropp @leedscath yes, great! leedscath.wixsite.com/northame for my future reference, lots to read up on here what a trip. (And bonus Spanish locations, woo!)

@JordiGH @stickjan wild. Baked on a skillet/griddle but in a removable form? I will experiment, and yours is a beautiful inspiring photo.

@stickjan @JordiGH that looks like flan, which I love, but I expect it is new and unknown, and also something I'd love. Recipe / starting points?

This summer of road trips I intend to visit a number of community/cooperative inspirations from years of reading:

The Nearings / Good Life Center
Greenbelt, MD
Twin Oaks Intentional Community
Truth or Consequences, NM

But I'm also headed through lots of the midwest and west, so what similarly broadly construed inspirations should I read and see (that aren't Pacific Coastal)?

Deschooling Society, Ivan Illich (1970), and The Weight Of Light: A collection of solar futures (2018)

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i just changed my desktop background to this #Monet and i am pleased

i am ready for spring

Attended an interesting Solarize regional pitch tonight. They basically do 12mo campaigns targeted at a city or region to RFP a solar installer, recruit residential and commercial installs, and tier pricing based on total kWh for the campaign. Was surprised to learn 25yr equip guarantees (85% output) are norm. Esp here with no other incentives or funding backstops beyond the expiring federal tax, it seems like a smart "market-based crowdsourcing" way to localize interest and installer staffing.

HaymarketBooks.org is doing one of those $1-or-so ebook sales through tonight. Too many good possibilities, I've nearly finished the ones I got a year ago in Verso's sale so let's see..

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