Luke O.

Is there an hardware or open firmware e-ink ? I'd like fewer of my hours to be mediated by my phone, but only have a finite stack of paper books to read.

@loppear I don't know of one, but if you find one, please post about it. I would definitely be interested. I've been getting by with a very cheap Nook. I never bought anything from the B&N store, but it renders my DRM free epubs tolerably well.

@cstanhope @loppear it's not open hardware, but my favorite is the old pre-wifi Sony Reader. Very simple, automatic PDF conversion, built in stylus, apps for drawing and text notes. Most important: no store. A book is not a store. Works fine with Calibre.

@cstanhope @loppear @ntnsndr I also keep an old tablet with Cyanogen, FDroid, and FBReader and a few other things to segregate my reading from my phone.

@ntnsndr @cstanhope @loppear while it is certainly not open hardware, there has been some success at running stock Linux distros on Kobo e-book readers. So that's what I have purchased, and the stock firmware is decent enough to tide me over until I have time to hack on it myself. I tend to keep the wifi turned off, avoid the store, and load my own epubs onto it. The root filesystem typically lives on an internal (replaceable) SD card, easy to swap out.

@loppear If you find one, let me know. I was considering going down the road of building my own for the longest time.

@loppear I have an older kindle but you can put PDF’S on it and that’s been super useful for me, if you want to put essays, articles or books on it that way

@loppear when I first started to look into ebooks pocketbook seemed to be relatively open about their software. Afaik you could do much more than on other readers of the time (3-4 years ago) not sure if that's still the case but might worth investigating

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