This summer of road trips I intend to visit a number of community/cooperative inspirations from years of reading:

The Nearings / Good Life Center
Greenbelt, MD
Twin Oaks Intentional Community
Truth or Consequences, NM

But I'm also headed through lots of the midwest and west, so what similarly broadly construed inspirations should I read and see (that aren't Pacific Coastal)?

@mattcropp @leedscath yes, great! for my future reference, lots to read up on here what a trip. (And bonus Spanish locations, woo!)

@loppear @mattcropp and oh so much i never wrote about too. But i stuck to the borders, i never ventured into the middle due to lack of time. i also loved Riot Bayit in Boston, Compersia in DC & Wild Mountain Co-op ME. Truth or Consequences, what a great name! I can make no community-focused mid-west recommendations, but I can recommend reading 'Hinterland' by Phil A. Neel for the flip side. Good luck 🙂

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