Every trip to the grocery store I'm shocked by the overwhelming majority of breakfast cereals that are coated in a extra layers of sugar (and usually neon), as a parent who never had such things at home growing up. And yet I think we can cut ourselves off fossil fuels in my lifetime, what insanities we accept each day.

@loppear I eat very little sugar. A trip down the grocery store cereal and cookie/biscuit aisle is revolting. They reek of refined sugar.

@jimgon @loppear that's interesting because over here fit/health/diet oriented cereal have almost taken over the shelves.

@qwazix @loppear we do have healthy, but sugary cereals in the US would be eye level and the healthy on the bottom row. And the sugary outnumbers the healthy by about two to one. Lots of high calorie and low fiber options at eye level.

@loppear I try to avoid the cereal row, if I can. It's like walking through a marketing machine of the sugar industry.

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