delivers again.

is surveillance spyware that allows abusive entities to illegally surveil human rights advocates, lawyers and journalists in up to 45 countries including Mexico and UAE.

Here's a great non-jargoned talk for all audiences.

The importance of security+privacy+freedom and how they depend on each other
-Kyle Rankin's Keynote at OpenWest

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Instance advice 

Look, we can't control what anyone says. People are going to be what they are. But what we can do is set the tone for what is acceptable and what isn't.

If you let your members harass and demean people with no consequence, that's what you're going to be know for.

If you allow your members to make 'jokes' at the expense of marginalized communities, that is going to be your reputation.

We all have a say in the kind of culture we want to create.

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Big news in #OpenAccess:

- No more embargoes
- No more copyright transfer
- No hybrid journals
- A cap on APCs

...for practically all European-funded research from 2020 onwards. It's called #planS, and it's fantastic!

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The Declaration of War against Cryptography (aka "The 2nd War against Cryptography") has been issued by the "Five Eyes":

Some choice extracts as an image for posterity attached to this toot and the close:

"Should governments continue to encounter impediments to lawful access to information necessary to aid the protection of the citizens of our countries, we may pursue technological, enforcement, legislative or other measures to achieve lawful access solutions."

I find Mastodon to be quite sluggish over a verified fast connection. Does this depend on the server my local instance ( runs on?

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Ask Noah Show | Episode 82: "Should We care About Libre?".

Do we need to go all the way and push for everyone to use Libre freedom respecting software?

Kenny Schmidt, a 17 year old who is starting out with Linux asks that question. They talk about a $100 device that will monitor your Internet, the EFFs stance to protect the individual’s ability to call out security problems.

#podcast #Linux #AskNoahShow #JupiterBroadcasting #Libre #OpenSource #EFF #KennySchmidt

This is cool:

Dedicated to improving academic freedom and scientific inquiry by removing the fear of retribution in the peer-review process.

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The Verge is republishing The Internet of Garbage today, with a new preface. It was important reading for me in 2015, and I still recommend it now:

Hello! I haven't properly -ized myself yet!

I have an interest in decentralized platforms with a technology slant but I'm not educated in traditional cooperatives. I joined to see what wisdom this movement might be able to offer us geeks.

and one's right to choose their level of are values important to me. I respect the code of any community I'm part of but like to challenge the status quo frequently.

Thanks for having me,

Guess I need to join Loomio to get the whole social picture. I will, but as a newcomer this is a bit overwhelming. Maybe I just picked an interesting time to join.

Could someone kindly detail for me or link to's interpreted / accepted definition of "shitposting"?

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just a reminder

doing hashtags #LikeThis as opposed to #likethis

makes it easier to read for everyone, but especially so for folks with screen readers. if each work isn’t capitalized, their reader tries to read it as one word

be kind and willing to make small changes to make the fediverse more accessible for all

A Fediverse instance for people interested in cooperative and collective projects.