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It’s important to remind people that so-called ‘free’ services ( #ClownComputing , centralised spaces that ‘farm’ their so-called ‘users’) aren’t really free; we need to advocate #freedom or free-as-in-freedom alternatives http://techrights.org/2020/11/26/free-as-in-freedom/

Need help writing .I would like to 's & maybe other's Search Engine Results Page. Been using uBlock Origin to prevent certain sites from opening, but I'd really like for them to not show up on the serp to begin with. I can code, but my js, css, and dom skills are rusty. Finding the right selectors...Also, I dont use node or web-ext (yet, willing to learn if needed) Goal is for blocked sites list to persist. Found Moz dev github examples overwheming

I wasn't aware that John Kerry has special skills or experience with which would make him the top pick in Any good articles I could read about his previous efforts and successes with this?

November 19th 2020: "Trump invites Michigan Republican leaders to meet him at White House as he escalates attempts to overturn election results" washingtonpost.com/nation/2020

Yup, GOP President Trump wants to overturn the will of the voters, who have spoken clearly and said Joe Biden is their choice. This is not what democracy looks like.

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Today, Wired ran my op-ed about Facebook's war on Ad Observatory, an NYU project that enlists users to gather the ads FB serves so researchers and accountability journalists can measure how FB is living up to its promises on paid disinfo.



I'm so tolerant, I tell myself
They're the ones that are different
The world is just like me
Rude awakening
The world is just like them
Of other.
Anyone different cast out
Undeserving of care or acceptance
I accept them. Or so I thought
Where are the people like me?
Have we disappeared?
I'm still here.
Waiting for the world
to start turning on its axis again
Forward progress will resume
With or without me
With or without them
With or without you

What prevents a set of instances from becoming next powerful social network? The software is freely available from github.Anyone can run an instance.A company can start an instance, do something to attract most people to it over time.Once readership is captured, it's a bubble most want to join.Popularity propels it above the others.It's a feedback loop.Eg, nothing to stop next Zuckerberg from setting up a Mastodon farm on the Internet in direct competition w/ fediverse, leads to its extinction.

Daily disinformation floods social nets
Repeated and retweeted ad nauseam
Election nightmares, waking in sweats
Quarter mil dead, no requiem

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And on the note of media making things out to be worse than they really are, here's FAIR's Dave Lindorff on how the media made the protests in Philadelphia last week out to be exactly that. fair.org/home/it-may-not-be-su

Just joined social.coop
New to Mastodon, instances, fediverse.
Not new to internet.

Where is the map that says "You are here?" Thanks


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