Is it okay to have accounts on more than one fediverse instance? Why might I do this? Advantages or benefits? What's it like to manage multiple accounts? Disadvantages or caveats? :blobhyperthink:

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From author's conclusion:

"If you are a member of the Fediverse – watch out for your data. If you are an admin running an instance in the Fediverse – watch out for your and other people's data. If you care about availability, privacy and the future of decentralised infrastructure, think about who owns your server hardware."

pg 1/2 How is the ? In 2020, "cookie" wrote which has a "focus on the distribution of Mastodon instances over hosting providers throughout the Fediverse." Here's a quote from the article: "In total, these six providers host more than 50% of Fediverse instances." Who are the six? OVH, Sakura, Amazon, Hetzner, CloudFlare and DigitalOcean.

Does anyone have recommendations for green energy Virtual Private Server which is certified to be green? Renewable, clean, reduced greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon, methane). Solar, wind, geothermal.

Not wood, not natural gas, not nuclear.

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Bernie gets it — “It’s absolutely imperative if democracy is to survive that we do everything that we can to say, ‘Yes, we hear your pain and we are going to respond to your needs.’ That’s really what this is about. If we don’t do that, I fear very much that conspiracy theories and big lies and the drift toward authoritarianism is going to continue.”

-- possible visual representation of related Toots. Could unfold it to a visual tree of threaded conversation, indented each time a toot is a reply to another.

according to topic, hashtags, tooters, instances.

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A federated is still an echochamber.

toot conversations are chaotic. Too many messages are meaningless static. -to-noise-ratio so low.

Wish I had software which gathers related toots into -toot-tag-clouds.

I would use pinch gestures on toot tag clouds to zoom into the ones which interested me. I would swipe away the clouds which are meaningless noise, though I would want to be able to get them back.

I'd have searching/filtering/sorting functionality too.

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Our friends from P2P Models have just published this paper "Coding or community? The uneven value of activities in peer production", revolving around the following questions: Do all activities in Commons-Based Peer Production communities have the same worth? What types of activities are perceived and valued as contributions? by David Rozas, Nigel Gilbert, Paul Hodkinson and Samer Hassan about Drupal.

Read it here! 💜 👇

Geothermal in-ground generators at homes and buildings. Hydrothermal generators at locations where the temperature gradients are worth installing a unit. There are so many sources of free, clean, and nearly infinite energy. Nature gifts them to all of Earth's species. We need to think and act outside the usual boxes, as soon as possible. (Edited for clarity) 2/2

We need more . More homes and buildings with panels. Smaller modified turbines for use at windy homes & schools. Scalable for those near streams and creeks. Gutters with tiny spinners in them, "micro-watermills." non-toxic paint. Then, we need to use a multi-directional system to move the energy where it needs to go, storing excess in coop "battery" stations. We need to leaders who will make it happen. more...

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Getting a messy divorce with fierce legal disputes and a cancer that requires expensive treatment boosts GDP.

Taking time off work to have a walk in the beach with your partner reduces GDP.

Why is this the key metric of success of our societies?!

@datatitian In package.json, I see dependencies and devDependencies

Isn't there some node command I can run which will install ALL of these dependencies in the guppe folder in one shot? Like a 'makefile' for C programs on a Unix system? (Am I showing my age? 😆 )

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@datatitian I'm trying to set up guppe as developer.
Installed nodejs.
Cloned w/ GitHub Desktop.
Tried "node index.js" to start it; barfed on Express.
Ran "npm install express --save"
Barfed w/ noent ".staging" blah blah.
Deleted package-lock.json & node_modules\
Ran "npm install express --save"
Tried again: "node index.js"
"Error: Cannot find module 'mongodb'"
Installed mongodb community msi.
Again: "node index.js"
It still can't find mongodb module. Please help? Thanks!

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