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Episode 022 - Transforming Technology, Part 1

In which we begin a three-part series on Andrew Feenberg's 2002 book: "Transforming Technology".

This book "rethinks the relationships between technology, rationality, and democracy, arguing that the degradation of labor--as well as of many environmental, educational, and political systems--is rooted in the social values that preside over technological development."

Next up

- Looks good, even has phone support.
- Mentions 'townhall' system for member participation.


townhall 404s, recaptcha broken on contact form, no response to email for past two days. Disappointing...

still looking...

Turns out G+ was a load-bearing member holding up YouTube

No recos, so did a random sample of registrars of .coop domains until my IP got banned. Most are using

Sent them a request, response:

"""With regards to our organisation, we are neither a worker or consumer coop. We are cooperatively owned by the ICA and NCBA respectively. """

Looks limited for what I want to do...

Looks like went straight to

still looking.

Anyone have recommended domain registrars that are member/worker owned?

Bonus points if they can handle secondary dns (I still have dyndns setup for that...)

with Toronto Mesh running ipfs, secure scuttlebutt and cjdns on a librerouter

Wrote up some thoughts on Mastodon Content Recommendations.

_So before this gets unleashed on the world please do your research and study the available literature. Get experts to review it and listen to the people that have been doing this for a long time. You can then avoid repeating the mistakes of the past._

[Also using Webmentions to post to my site and syndicate to github is pretty darn cool..]

Standards are documentation, not legislation. They explain how to make your code do the same thing as mine. Sadly, we write them in an imperative voice, and don't explain how we chose them. Alex has more to say: #indieweb #microformats

Fantastic performance tonight in San Francisco by She's a fabulous performer and member of Doomtree Collective.

Here's a thoughtful interview from 2015 about Doomtree's unique path to success.

is a personal archiving solution that you run on your own hardware/cloud instance. It also running on

Reading "The World of Knowbots" from "The Digital Library Project". circa 1988

Thievery Corporation's Treasure from the Temple is on Resonate Coop:

Click through from

Give it some mutual aid :) If you're a member it's a good album, if you're not a member plz sign up!

The French government plans Matrix-based e2e encrypted communication across all entities by forking clearly the way to go! :)

If you want to enable a new kind of Internet I suggest you get yourself to the 2018 at the @internetarchive

The 2016 event was a watershed moment. Both @matrixdotorg and @ipfsbot launched there amidst a rich tapestry of technology, philosophy, ethics, and activism.

I'm going to work with my IA friends to make sure that more will be on offer. In 2016 Maira Sutton from Shareable was there, hoping for a lot more.

Sign up at

On birdsite people looking for a certain neoliberal mistakenly @ me. Looking for a good way to respond... Any Die Linke folks here who want to help with some good snark?

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