That time the LinkedIn SF Office and the How Weird festival intersected...

The Circus Bella preview show in West Oakland was a joyous fun time! Many chances to see them, check for future shows.

Eyes to the sky. Found the darkness, the shooting stars, and peace in the wee hours.

I reconnected with my purpose yesterday at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis. I paid my respects and formed bonds with the community so we can work towards common goals. So uplifting because collective action starts with individual connections.

Flames! Lights! Action! Well worth the drive to the Sacramento Spark Drive Thru. Loads of Burning Man art, music and spectacle! Read all about it at

Until next time Phoenix! Thanks to Juan and Ryan at Dark Hall Coffee and the fine folks at The Coronado for welcoming me. I'll be back! @darkhallcoffee @thecoronadophx

Another trip around the Sun. A year of transition and adventure. A year of beauty and joy within our pandemic struggle.

Outside of a Dog, a Projector is Man’s Best Friend. Inside of a Dog, It’s Too Dark to See

Star light, star bright... a photo taken in 2015 that still inspires hopes and wishes.

Gus says: you know of course that you are sacred, right?

Cyberdelia IRL @dnalounge after party with @RockPhotoChick and a new friend

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