If you want to enable a new kind of Internet I suggest you get yourself to the 2018 at the @internetarchive

The 2016 event was a watershed moment. Both @matrixdotorg and @ipfsbot launched there amidst a rich tapestry of technology, philosophy, ethics, and activism.

I'm going to work with my IA friends to make sure that more will be on offer. In 2016 Maira Sutton from Shareable was there, hoping for a lot more.

Sign up at

@lindner it's the right time to reboot the #openweb do you have any burserys to get there from Europe?

@Hamishcampbell when you fill out the form on there is a field where you can request travel assistance.

There was a travel budget in 2016 and it looks like it'll happen in 2018 as well.

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