@Gargron What is the best existing alternative that I can direct people to use (e.g. someone currently using Patreon who agrees this sounds like some Bad Stuff coming down the pipe)...?

I know Mastodon (as well as some other groups) uses opencollective but I don't think that may help you much... I think another I've heard of is Podia. I think that's the one I'm thinking of at least! I hope this helps, my apologies if it doesn't.


@LimaBeanHoagie @meejah @Gargron

Kickstarter has d.rip they're a public benefits Corp, so no VC shenanigans....

@lindner @LimaBeanHoagie @Gargron
Drip sounds interesting, but also doesn't sound like something I can tell people to "just go and use instead of Patreon" yet...

@meejah @lindner @LimaBeanHoagie Drip is also in limbo right now. Nobody can sign up and it's being transferred to another entity, who knows if it stays around...

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