I wanted to find out if using #IPFS as a storage backend would give file deduplication "for free", but unfortunately it looks like ImageMagick operations on the same input file are not deterministic, so you still end up with different hashes when the same file is uploaded more than once. #mastodev

@Gargron That's peculiar and frustrating but I guess from an information theory standpoint it makes sense if you're using IM for compression?

Really interested to hear that you're looking into directions like this though! I've oftened wondered how we might bridge the 'federated' and 'peer to peer' models of decentralisation...


@padraic_padraic @Gargron

I'm interested in finding a solution to this since I want to do the same for the Known CMS.


Searching around it appears that libpng/libjpeg might be at fault.

Can you compare images with imagemagick 'compare' tool?

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