@dajbelshaw Really sorry to hear. What a loss! R.I.P. @daibarnes - TIDE podcast was the only link to my previous EdTech life. Kept subscribing because of you guys. He will be missed! :(

@dazinism @eff Thanks for the info! Was aware of the Pixels, but they are quite pricey piece of hardware (as with Sony actually - never going to make that mistake again).
Xiami Mi A2 looks interesting with - might take a closer look.

Another company I will never again buy from. Sony Mobile - developer.sony.com/develop/ope. Don't be fooled by the "Open" in their website - there is nothing open about their bootloader. And they even refuse to return your property. Apparently following their documentation is "tampering" Ping @eff

@ntnsndr Maybe the crazy acting as POTS at the moment will achieve some more diversity. If I'd be an overseas manufacturer of phones I would think twice about committing to Google's version of Android. But wouldn't hold my breath...

@erlequin @ntnsndr Ubuntu phone was dead on arrival. Unless all you want is phone calls and a dodgy browsing experience. And I say this as an Ubuntu user for 10+ years. And I really tried to love it: gaggl.com/?s=ubuntu+phone [still miss Terminal though 🙂]

@ntnsndr my latest experience of unlocking boot-loader rendered camera totally unusable even after restoring original firmware. Shame on you Sony!

@ntnsndr can feel your pain. all but given up on installing alternate firmware OS on retail phones.

@dajbelshaw @nolan Can share the frustrations you had on mobile and also decided I have better use of my time that fighting boot-loaders and bad documentation to install LineageOS. Chromebooks have been my 'travel gear' for some time now (can't justify Pixelbook though). Still happy with Ubuntu as my main laptop OS. Far more productive than anything else (specially Windows).
Lenovo smart display is still a step too far for me though :-). Cameras and mics always on still creep me out...

Worthwhile listen: Farmerama Radio – Vandana Shiva on loans for farmers and other interesting topics

@tbeckett yes - have read it. also on their private beta. definitely got potential from my point of view. But some way to go - they are working hard on it though.

The hard bits for me remain governance structure and humans though ;-)

@tbeckett would be interested in your thoughts on this: colony.io/ - whilst not a coop as such I think it has a lot of potential. I am hoping to use a beta version in a not-for-profit project I am part of.

@tbeckett On the technical side it seems a lot of lofty promises such as 'provide content delivery at the scale of Facebook and support transactions at the speed of Visa' but not a lot that has been proven in real life. Based on Casper (Ethereum) which itself has not stood the test of time.

I do like the coop governance structure. However the board (appointment) structure and governance terms would need some more research.

Depends on your appetite for risk and what you want to do I guess.

Interesting piece:
How is Airbnb really being used in and affecting the neighbourhoods of your city?


An independent set of tools and data allowing exploration as to how Airbnb is REALLY being used around the world.

Interesting: Hostile designs are designs against humanity. They are made specifically to exclude, harm or otherwise hinder the freedom of a human being. Quite often they aim to remove a certain section of a community from a public space. hostiledesign.org

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