Another company I will never again buy from. Sony Mobile - Don't be fooled by the "Open" in their website - there is nothing open about their bootloader. And they even refuse to return your property. Apparently following their documentation is "tampering" Ping @eff

Think devices that have a proper open bootloader are limited. I'm talking about devices where it can be relocked & verified boot works.

Current devices I'm aware of are the Google Pixels & Mi A2, although I think there are a few more.

and all have proper support for this. All support Pixels, Calyx has early support for the

@dazinism @eff Thanks for the info! Was aware of the Pixels, but they are quite pricey piece of hardware (as with Sony actually - never going to make that mistake again).
Xiami Mi A2 looks interesting with - might take a closer look.

Pretty sure wont add support for MiA2. Likely wont add any devices for a while. is much cheaper than the 3, while having the same advanced security hardware (Titan security chip) sadly 3a camera doesnt have Pixel Visual Core so, unlike Pixel 2 and 3, only gives great pictures with GoogleCamera app (can get GCam app working on Calyx using their microG support)

has early MiA2 support, but currently need to build it -

@leogaggl @eff i love being confirmed in my petty prejudices against specific giant corporations! (Sony's terrible quality control on their video cassettes wrecked the sound for a high school class video project; haven't bought a single thing from them since.)

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