hi folks, UK anarcha-cooperator (me) coming through next Sun 30th til Wed 3rd and *in need of a sofa to surf*. Here's more about me: Can anyone help out? It would also be mint to have some kind of potluck or discussion on Mon or Tue evening, venue suggestions welcome. My email/ phone/whatsapp etc info on my blog. @TheScienceRobot @mattcropp @LabB

@leedscath @TheScienceRobot @mattcropp @LabB @kropotkhristian
I've boosted this but a stray dot got into the original toot, which mangles the URL of the blog

(hopefully this should work)

@leedscath @TheScienceRobot @LabB

I will be prepping for a trip out of town mid-week but we can probably put you up Sunday and Monday nights in my guest room. I can also check with Don of Burlington co-housing to see if one of their guest rooms is available Tuesday; it's hit or miss, but $25/night if hit. I'll also see if they have one of their community dinners while you're here, as that would be a good chance to have a discussion afterwards.

@leedscath Just confirmed that you can stay @ cohousing for $25 Tuesday night, and the dinner will be happening, so I can take you to the dinner, and then we'll have a fairly informal conversation starting at 7pm to discuss comparative worker co-op movements, etc.

DM me with the details of your arrival, and if you can work up a 1-2 paragraph blurb about yourself and your trip, I'll send that w/ and invite to the convo.

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