Super excited about our company's transition to the steward-ownership model. After this, the company can no longer be sold or taken public, shareholders have a cap on how much profit they can get, all voting rights are held by active team members, and the legally defined reason for the company's existence is to democratize the sharing economy by making platform tech accessible to everyone!

If you wish to support us, consider sharing our crowdfunding campaign!

@kusti very cool. Would love to know more.

Q: is the business model subscription or % of marketplace sales?

Q: is offering open to US residents?

Q: is there any limitations on the kinds of businesses that use products?

@rbenjamin great questions!

1) We have two products, Sharetribe Go and Sharetribe Flex. For Go, it's currently subscription. For Flex, it will be a (small) % of sales, with a minimum monthly fee.

2) Unfortunately in US it's open for accredited investors only, for regulatory reasons. :( Individuals from almost anywhere else can invest freely, but US has stricter legislation.

3) We haven't put any limits, but we don't really focus on marketplaces where people ore companies sell new products.

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