Hello world. My second try on Mastodon, let's see if I'll manage to get more engaged this time.

@kusti Hello from beyond It also took me two turns to engage here.

@kusti Welcome! I'd love to hear more about sharetribe!

@aaron sorry about a long response, it seems my second login happened 21 days after the first. :) Happy to tell you more about Sharetribe! Essentially our idea is to democratize platform ownership by building one one open source platform can power thousands of platform coops (we focus on labor and rental platforms) so they don't have to spend a huge amount of money developing their own tech. It's been around for a few years already and currently powers thousands of platforms.

@kusti @aaron

Any ideas how OP Financial Group in Finland could help out Sharetribe?

@LeoSammallahti a good question. We're currently looking for worker co-ops, rental / labor platform co-ops or other similar organizations to work with on developing their platform technology. Could OP Financial Group be interested in that somehow themselves, or connect us to someone who is?


@kusti @aaron
OP is changing from banking to services, ex. hospitals and electric car renting.

There's a big change of taxi law in 2018. Maybe good for "coop ubers"?

I'm candidate in OP elections. Can't promise I can help, can promise I want to. Sharetribe's brilliant imo.

A councillor in Vantaa I'm sure is happy to make initiatives to support coops.

Will share ideas here& email list.

Big question. How could big coop banks like OP help coops with global membership (Resonate)?

@LeoSammallahti a good point about OP, indeed they've ventured into lots of new interesting territories – DriveNow is already quite close to our turf. If you come up with any ideas on how we could help them, let me know!

By the way, should have have lunch some day in downtown Helsinki and discuss coops? :)

@aaron anything more you'd like to know about Sharetribe? Just let me know, I'm happy to help! You can also email me , as I'm a bit worried I'll forget again – I don't really like to get push notifications so I always turn that stuff off.

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