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Two new poems up at Argot Magazine: argotmagazine.com/poetry-and-f "Shopping" and "On Throwing Oneself At The Ground and Missing"

Take a nice shower or bath. You can clean your body and mind at the same time.

New instance opened: polyglot.city

Polyglot City is the right instance for you, if you're interested in languages, language learning and translating, or if you are multilingual or polyglot. All languages are allowed to flourish on our timelines. Welcome!

sorry i should be cw'ing all this because it's mental health etc.

i have three girlfriends and have a hard time believing any of them when they say i'm pretty or loveable or that i deserve happiness. i'm working on it in therapy. it's not easy. i've been working on this for years. it's almost easier to just believe your distortions.

the tragic thing about incels is that their insecurities are magnified to the point where they believe they're utterly helpless... and it takes a lot for anyone to get out of that place.

that they are suffering from cognitive distortions that most of us suffer from in different ways, and that they feed these distortions as a form of digital self-harm

what i really love about it is that it kind of implies that the thinking patterns of incels are a lot more common than we realize

i realize that's an absurdly barbaric way of saying that but like... w/e ok

should be able to return to the coop site and the actual cooperation stuff

new contrapoints is legitimately amazing and like, it is making me re-evaluate where i spend time and take appropriate action to avoid certain places

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It's true. I've met sooooooo many other trans Alice's now

To my anarchist/commie/socialist comrades Show more

It is especially in the domain of ethics that the dominating importance of the mutual aid principle appears in full.
-- Peter Kropotkin

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Learn How These three Ex-finance Bros Are Disrupting Physical Therapy With Cybernetic Newts

@Laurelai agreed, and GMO can be used for good. With certain precautions, just like everything else.

Monsanto, however, is the face of corporate, late-stage-capitalistic exploitation of GMO technology (combined with patents etc).

Anyway, I feel we agree and just discuss where accents need to be placed. :)

If you, #fediverse, doesn't know, but together Spanish and Portuguese have more than 700 million people around the world.

We are Latins and most of us talk a lot. It is part of what we are as people.

I want to believe this is a free place to share and talk, sorry for the "flood", but I would like to ask you for respect. We are not bad people.