Any radical, international, distributed/federated free online universities exist?

If not, why not?


@neil You'd have to stretch the meaning of "university" pretty far to give it those adjectives. A university can't be distributed because, apparently, all of the knowledge is concentrated in professors. That's why "learning environments" exist.

A distributed university would not have dedicated environments, and thus not have knowledge "concentrated" in a small number of people. Is this the idea?

The internet is a contender, but lacks a pervasive norm of inquiry.

@kdsch "university" as in coherent facilitator of higher education.

I was thinking distributed more as in geographically, not necessarily in knowledge of a subject. Also more from a technical infrastructure perspective - i.e. instances communicating with each other, not a centralised platform such as the existing MOOCs.

I am completely OK with subject-matter experts, mentoring others in a particular domain. Though with fluidity in that a professor in one area would be a student in another.

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