Maybe the reason is so good is because the corporations that inhabit the and other social media haven't made it here yet.

This hyper capitalisation of the social sphere is exactly why other feel so toxic. The fact that these platforms are run in the interests of capital and not the interests of their communities is surely clear by now.

We have to make and defend spaces that are free of the forces of capital. We have to make some some space for our own humanity to flourish.

They will come for when the incentive is there. How we respond to that is up to us.

> haven't made it here yet
- and they're unlikely to ever do. Capitalism and centralisation go hand in hand... In fact centralisation is so vital to capitailsm, the latter cannot exist if the former is not present.

@kawaiipunk It's unlikely that they will penetrate effectively. You cannot micro-target on #Mastodon; there's currently no advertising, and even if someone implemented it most instances wouldn't adopt it; obviously-corporate instances would likely be widely domain-blocked.

@kawaiipunk I wonder what will happen when the companies get here. I believe they will start buying the most popular instances and get access to our private data.

@vrcca Yes I can believe that. That's why the co-operative ownership model of .coop is so important.

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