has *class* and ~style~ 馃槑

Technically it鈥檚 that has class and style attributes BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

@maya @jsit @flancian yikes! apologies! disabling the bot while I fix the dumpster fire!

@agora @maya @jsit done -- it should:

1. no longer respond to boosts
2. stop spamming people with a help message which I didn't code right.

Hope this works :) Thank you for your feedback!

@jsit @agora @maya haha, I swear it doesn't all look like this! only [[css]] does -- I saw it some time ago but decided not to fix it for now as it was funny (because CSS is, well, often surprising and all)

If an Agora hears about a [[wikilink]] or #hashtag, it will try to resolve them for you and link your resources in the [[nodes]] or #nodes you mention.

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