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@sbeebe That's unfortunate. I've mostly avoided seeing that by rarely visiting the federated timeline and have apparently not followed that many people in order to experience what you've been going through.

But, as for my own behavior, I know I don't post here what I'd post to Twitter, as I don't want to contribute to that dilemma of destroying this refuge.

@sam And naturally, it's not consistent. In some states, counties are not much more than abstractions to demarcate regions but do no effective administration (no county commission).

In other states, counties may be where all the administration happens, due to their including various unincorporated towns w/ no municipal governance (no city council).

Are you originally from the US though? I ask, as I fear that if you are, that I would have patronizingly explained the situation here.

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#OtD 30 Jul 2006 Murray Bookchin died at age 85. Bookchin was an American libertarian socialist and founder of social ecology and libertarian municipalism. Read a remembrance here: libcom.org/news/bookchin-remem

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"It is an open question on how to name acronyms using this scheme. Some prefer editSGMLDocument while others prefer editSgmlDocument. The former is arguably more accurate and certainly more popular, but can get ugly. It's also not obvious how to name an identifier which starts with an acronym."


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OMG! I'm so excited to announce that through my work at @spritelyinst we've published A Scheme Primer: spritely.institute/news/the-sp
Direct link: spritely.institute/static/pape

This document manages to serve two purposes:
- As a quick skim, it's a reasonable intro to "how to start programming with Scheme with no prior experience". Hey, tutorials are useful!
- But also, in less than 30 pages we manage to compress a TON of computer science ideas in a way that I think is really, really approachable.

The document ends with a code example, and full walkthrough, of a Scheme interpreter written in Scheme... in a mere 30 lines of code! It's like 3/4 of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs compressed into a document you could read in an afternoon!

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"If the average, well-off North American were to cut their carbon emissions to levels on par with typical top ten percent earners in Europe, they would trim their carbon footprint by roughly 44 metric tons annually. If just one in five Americans did that, the country could hit Biden’s goal of cutting U.S. annual emissions in half by 2030."

#JagBhalla, 2022


#ClimateChange #CarbonEmissions

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Turkey/Syria/Kurdistan pol 

Stop Turkey's Escalations Against Rojava | Co-ops Not Cages Pod #1


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Chile's new constitution has been drafted. Chileans now have 2 months to review the draft before voting in a referendum on whether or not to approve it.


The US could use a rewrite itself. I wonder if this could become a popular demand here.

The thing I love about Yglesias is that he's an ever-flowing reservoir of unintentional evidence debunking the myth of the meritocracy.

Going to create a lambda and then assign it to a variable and then call that variable rather than just defining a standard function and calling that. Derp, derp, derp.

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Palestinian Authority general prosecutor says the bullet will be transferred for examination by US authorities.
Palestinians to hand bullet that killed Shireen Abu Akleh to US
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Remember when all the crypto supporters were all like, "it's anonymous, it's outside of state control, fuck the man!" Hilarious.


Wow. So, that's what the long-term plan was behind Microsoft's acquiring of GitHub? So very gross. Such slimy companies with founders like Bill Gates truly never change their stripes.

What this leaves out though, is that Microsoft and GitHub heads also love to help ICE imprison undocumented children fleeing death.


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Alleged Proud Boys members attempt to get into The Mojo in Woodland, CA and are met with pepper spray. The bar had planned an all ages Drag Show tonight, which was postponed due to security concerns

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Be critical of NATO, do ideologiekritik, be anti-war, be critical of Azov et al, but basically smudging everything about Ukraine as being 'pro-nazi' is fucking terminal brain rot, I'm afraid - thousands of civilians have been needlessly murdered, give your head a wobble

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