I'm fuckin playing breath of the wild again because I'm smokepocalypsed in and I've never played a better video game holy crap


I like how I a) have a horse, b) get to climb everything, c) get to fly, and d) I am good and fighting bad

@jonny downside of breath of the wild is that now any time I look at a large expanse from a great height I immediately think of paragliding

it is basically what I did in my dreams only in a video game and yes one day when I make a mental break from reality it will probably include paragliding

@jonny that is certainly a concern.

to be fair, before botw I used to think "somebody should install a zipline here", so not much has changed.

@jonny BotW is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played.

@jonny substitute have for am and I'm sold

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