ok how in the everloving fuck do I clean out a usb-c port. I've jammed all the little needles I can down there and I still have to delicately balance the dang thing to keep a connection. whoever designed this did not consider those of us who jam shit into their grubby ass linty pockets

iam gonna break out my freaking pneumatic pressure washer at this point

I could probably find out what that is and get some. I shall try

@jonny a drop or two of ethanol or rubbing alcohol can help things along. also very pointy tweezers.

@jonny I had this problem until very recently I managed to dig a bunch of lint out with a needle. Just kept scratching at bottom until stuff started to come out. I’d been living with a very unreliable charging connection for a couple of years until I finally got it cleaned. So much better now!

I have stabbed the hell out of the port and no dice, I think it must be caked on the pins

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