> zotero plugin to compute merkle hash tree for PDFs
> tracker for doi:hash tree pairs
> bittorrent v2 zotero plugin that never seeds a full file to a single peer, only random 16kb subtrees.
thinkin about scihub v2

leecher only requests random subtree hashes, seeders only respond to and only announce subtree hashes. contents of subtrees cannot be checked for IP and are not illegal to have. seeders can automatically share all the PDFs in their libraries without needing to upload to a tracker/make torrents because it's just content addressed. allows for multiple pdfs for a single doi.


peers could do an incentiveless bitswap-like thing and set aside some amount of space for randomly rehosting 16kb chunks of other pdfs in swarm. they don't even need to know what they have and the seeding peer doesn't need to tell.

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