idk masto groups would sort of be a nice way of trying to kill slack and would also be a nice way to bridge to eg. matrix channels !/

I know it's ~complicated~ but come on.

We've always had groups on the fediverse. It's really not that complicated. What's difficult is achieving consensus amongst the dozen or so different players currently supporting groups - or in progress such as Masto. We currently support six completely different group implementations and I refuse to add any more. It's time to get rid of a few of them. I'd gladly drop mine because it's a brutal hack,  but so far nobody else has a method that works with private groups and comment permissions and works from any fediverse platform today.  We'll see what Eugen comes up with but in my view it's all classic

@jonny I think most people want encrypted chat for private group stuff rather than public micro-blogging.

I think the people that want encrypted chat are not using slack

@jonny hmmm maybe, I probably shouldn't project intentions into people I don't know.

It would be nice though!

I hear what you're saying though, the ideal case would be encrypted. but I'm thinking "single identity, want a new group of people" thing to replace slack and why not masto too?

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