reading some documents from NIH Director Harold Varmus' 1999 push for PubMed Central and what became PLoS, and it has such good energy, but you can tell how the naiveté of scientists thinking about what's good for science gets us crushed by corporations working to preserve profit

so many of the dreams we have for open publishing were already had in 1999 and before.
- open peer review/creditable signed reviews
- living documents
- dense interlinking
- interactive, multilayered papers
- complete methods descriptions
- publishing null results

we don't need the cooperation of the publishers or to make a new journal, we need to ~ dismantle the publishing system ~


CAN YOU IMAGINE where science and medicine could be today if we had the nerve to smash the publishers in 1999 and had 23 years of building tools on an ecosystem of free knowledge????????? Let's not wait another 20 and collect the courage to look beyond our own careers NOW.

I honestly can handle a lot of the shit parts of academic science, the main thing that brings me despair is the passivity of my colleagues to the extractive industries that maintain a matrix of barriers to knowledge across the entire planet.

@jonny Well said. Absence of open access slows down for sure... But "science under capitalism" skews outcomes in a sinister direction.

AMEN! this isn't a publishing question! this is a political question!!!

@jonny I saw a lot of weird stuff happen lately. The climate discussion is highly politicized. Reporting on the geopolitical situation that lead to Russia invading Ukraine is heavily skewed by politics where I live (NL). The discussion regarding COVID vaccines (effectiveness, side effects and ethics regarding giving it to the young who don't need it). It seems that politics eclipse the experts again and again, and the MSM is blatantly copying the state's opinion without any critical notes.


@jonny This happend before. For instance the first Iraq war. I know now Iraq had good reasons to invade Kuwait, but I was fully brainwashed into believing "Iraq bad, Kuwait needs our support, US is going to deliver justice". I totally believed this message, I was a kid. Now I know i've lied to, brainwashed. It's getting hard now for them to get me to support their next war.


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