it brings me absolutely no joy to say "called it"


omg Apple just announced health data partnership with Elsevier at WWDC


We need to stop "weighing the pros and cons" of prestige publishing like it's a theoretical problem with no impacts, and start seeing it as a problem whereby our failure of will to do the right thing props up some of the most dangerous surveillance conglomerates on the planet.

It was only a matter of time before a conglomerate that owns most biomedical knowledge, sells point of care apps and educational materials to doctors, and sells risk analytics to insurance companies got access to primary medical data.

The product is *not* some benign medication interaction app. The product is to sell influence over medical care and biomedical research through a series of advertising, recommendation, and ranking products sold to insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

The NIH is funding some of the underlying biomedical knowledge graph technology through its Translator project. The stated goal is to link primary research data with wearable and clinical data for "personalized medicine" and to target drug discovery.

The project can't possibly work for basic science -- it's a black box ML algorithm that gives uninterpretable results that couldn't guide basic research -- but it's perfect for the well-trod pattern of publicly funding tech to be scooped up and resold by circling companies


Knowledge organization is *political.* 7 of the 10 largest companies in the world are information companies. We need to cut ties *now,* and by rebuilding our knowledge organization systems we can make tools also intended for public use that combat the surveillance economy

@jonny I'd love to, but even I, as a highly technical person (run my own servers, write code all day every day, no smart watch) don't know how to avoid it all or what infrastructure to build.

@jonny I've done work in directions like this. Most of my day-to-day medical information is stored in an app I developed and the data never leaves my machine.

But I'm one person with very limited vision. I can wrest control of literally one thing. And even when I do, it's of limited use to anyone else.

So, I'm willing to work with other people. I just need to know where other people want to go.

exactly. if I can assume by your instance you're a fellow horizontalist that is exactly the plan❤️

horizontal/ahierarchical organizing of the no gods no masters variety yno

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