less: "ditch twitter and go into private bubbles"
more: "still crosspost to/from twitter while cultivating a new community outside of a corporate hype vacuum, demonstrate to a digital behemoth you're willing to walk, practice creating the kinds of digital spaces we want to exist"

@jonny just fyi, cross posting is likely to get you blocked if its done too often. its annoying and I, amongst several others, have 0 interest in dealing with birdsites bullshit. federated platforms arent bubbles unless the admins choose to make them so.

theres a big fascist/conservative network and libertarian network. They ends to get blocked. There are also several small communities that have strict rules so they tend to cut themselves off in the interest of maintaining a safe space or whatever.

all that is good!!! if you want nothing to do with birdsite then by all means, I understand and support xpost/regex blocks. same with walling off fascists. I'm talking about making transitional instances for the curious/less ideologically inclined. everyone should be allowed control over their digital social reality, same team on being anti-corporate media❤️


(this is my real name account, which I use as a bridged identity, and use several other unlinked alts, fedi and otherwise for exactly this reason ❤️❤️)

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